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March 4, 2013
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Jan 14, 2013, 12:45:48 PM
Adobe Photoshop CS3 Windows
Laws of Attraction by Tonyr Laws of Attraction by Tonyr
I have an enormous passion for cars, especially old classics like this one. It is a 1965 Mustang fastback and I find so many aspects of it deeply attractive. The lines of it's body, the look of the interior and the feel of driving it. My father who is now 84 is pictured inside the car. For many years he has worried about me purchasing and driving older cars. However when I took this car up to him at Christmas he fell in love with the car instantly. Also in the short time I have owned the car I have found that many other poeple of all ages have been similarly inspired by the car. Whilst it may not be to everyone's liking it would seem that something about this car lifts many people and has them feel their own souls.

This is tremendously empowering for me as I want people to share in the beauty of this car rather than feel excluded. This is also something I endeavour to do when presenting the images of women here on Deviant Art. I believe that things of beauty should inspire others to feel better about themselves. However when it comes to appreciating the beauty of women it would seem that society pressures us to not be so intuitive. Further many people viewing images of beautiful women are often disempowered by the experience.

There is much evidence that humans are attracted to balance and flow. Small children without the conditioning of society have been found to be attracted to faces and bodies that are assymetrical for example. I believe that the lines of this car have been formed in a way that stimulates the inner child in many who see it. I also believe that certain women have been gifted with bodies and faces that have a similar ability to touch on our souls. However it would seem that especially in modern society we are forced to second guess our inner selves due to the laws of not being seen to offend those who are hurting.

In general I believe that society and people need to become more passionate about life. To be more open to feel rather than be conditioned to censor what they do, say and think. I feel good about the attraction I have towards this car and also am proud about my attraction towards the women I depict on this site's pages. For me to pretend otherwise is to not be honest with what is a natural and healthy attraction to beauty.
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ss24 Featured By Owner Sep 5, 2014
tsteele93 Featured By Owner Mar 6, 2014  Student Digital Artist
My father still has his 1965 Mustang 289 3 Speed that he brought me home from the hospital in - it was brand new and so was I!  It is yellow and not a fast back, but oh the memories I have of that car!  This one is simply stunning!
Tonyr Featured By Owner Mar 6, 2014
Thanks very much. It must have been such a buzz being with one of these cars when they were new.
flytier Featured By Owner Jan 17, 2014
Superb Fastback!!! One of my faves.
ShockWaveX2 Featured By Owner Oct 18, 2013
That is one beautiful looking 65 Fastback!! :toocool:
Davidk1960 Featured By Owner Jul 1, 2013
Indeed, these are beautiful cars. The styling is wonderful. I also have a 65 fastback, looking just like yours only I have the styled steel wheel reproductions. Some photos are on my page. Again, you have a beautiful car!
Tonyr Featured By Owner Jul 3, 2013
Had a look at your car David. Very cool looking car and also loved the styled wheels.
Davidk1960 Featured By Owner Jul 3, 2013
Thank you. I had it restored in 2008.
Victor2112 Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2013
Very beautiful :) Looks like they pony just came off the lot. There is something to be said about a classic car. And even more so when that car is restored and looking like it did the day it was built. Maybe it's because back then care were more unique from each other. Now it seems like most body styles all came from the same mold.

I have a '67 Mustang and just recently purchased a new camera/lenses. I'll be sure to look at your work for inspiration and hopefully be posting some shots here on dA.
Tonyr Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2013
Thanks for your feedback Victor. Would love to see the shots of your car. Perhaps send me a note when you have taken and uploaded some.
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