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April 23, 2013
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This is a shot from way back when I was regularly shooting for my own calendars. This particular model facinated me from the first time I saw her. She obviously has a really curvaceous and toned body but not necessarily any better than the majority of my models. However back then she had a presence or energy that really created impact even though her personality was very quiet. This particular shot seems to have a degree of this inner essence coming through. Also whilst I am not a big fan of breast enhancements I think that in this pic they are not really detracting from the overall impact of the shot. In general this pic has also re stimulated a question I have asked myself so many times over my adult life. Whatis it that so facinates me and captivates me with female bodies and faces? Is it just the look or is it the inner essence of the female coming though. Such a complex question and one that I could write a book on I think. One thing that does seem apparent though is that if the woman is distant in her energy no matter how good looking she is I cannot get excited.
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reapr56 Featured By Owner May 24, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
this particular picture is a bit intimidating to look at , yet strangely anyone will feel drawn to it , the raw essence of her's is what draws me , i think ,sure she is beautiful , but there is something else , i cant quite put my finger  on it 
well , this picture is definitely one of the best i have seen on the site and easily distinguishable from the others , the work of a man who is not only proficient in what he does , but excels more than others
hats off :D 
Tonyr Featured By Owner May 25, 2014
Thanks for your comments. I do believe that the model's mood at the time of the shutter click and her inner state of being could be what you are unable to put your finger on. I too was very drawn to this shot and model.
zavairax Featured By Owner Jan 19, 2014

The answer to your question lies deep in the male's networks of neurons (i doubt females have similarly tuned neurons - because ofter they cannot pick the most beautiful shot of themselves, from the male's point of view).

Most countable are of course *curves* - the mathematical lines, which have special proportions which strikes the networks of neurons like a lighting - and in fact there are same for all races. They have something to do with the "golden ratio", but how it applies to actual curves, is yet to be discovered by scientists, hopefully in our life time.  

This model have unique noticeable curve of waist line on the right, which strikes most.

Thank you for sharing the photo!

And i bet she is from Ukrainian origin, isn't she ? ;)

Tonyr Featured By Owner Jan 19, 2014
Thanks very much for adding to this conversation. Curves have always fascinated me and i am often wondering why. I am not sure where the model was from originally.
zavairax Featured By Owner Jan 21, 2014

Thanks for your reply.

For the second part of your question, IMHO the inner essence of a woman may well 99% depend on her outer appearance, which in turn, 95% depends on her genes and 5% on her way of life (- recently i saw photos of 30kg weight loss in half a year by going to the gym and she was stikingly going from amorphous figure to another person with perfect model look. But unfortunately the gym cannot do much with a face). As woman looks at the mirror every day and likes of dislikes what she sees, it significantly affects her way of daily thinking, her personality and her overall "essence", forming it during during all her life.

Tonyr Featured By Owner May 25, 2014
Hard to be sure either way I think. Relates a little to the chicken and the egg saying. Does a woman's or person's looks and upbringing shape their essence or does a person's connection or seperation from their essence create their looks and experiences. Perhaps a bit of both?
BinaryZeroD Featured By Owner Nov 21, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Great example of a very skinny petite female body form. I love the tasteful nudity...Enjoyable for females too.
Tonyr Featured By Owner Nov 23, 2013
Thanks, have always tried to create works that are appreciated by both sexes.
MT-Nitrofreak Featured By Owner Jul 21, 2013
JohnRambonez Featured By Owner Jul 10, 2013
who is this??
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